1 Minute Tips Videos

Video Playback

An overview of how the video function works on the Baseball Swing Analyzer. 3 slow motion speeds, frame-by-frame advance or reverse and our scroll bar for quickly reviewing both forwards and backwards motion of your baseball mechanics.

Drawing Tools: Using the Grid Feature

As a fill tool in the annotations area of the Baseball Swing Analyzer, this quick video shows how to use the grid fill for helping with the analysis of your baseball mechanics

Video Sorting Feature

The Baseball Swing Analyzer has a strong sorting feature, that allows the user to sort/find their videos by Date, Player, Pitch, Strength and Result. These headings are customizable to the users needs.

Key Positions

A quick overview of the Key Positions feature on the Baseball Swing Analyzer. Key Positions allow you to return to a key area on your video, highlighting what you need to revisit, or point out as a coach.

The User Profile Explained

The Baseball Swing Analyzer Profile section allows the user to sign up for use of our Archiving facility, give short-cuts for sending emails and choose which side of the screen you would like the scroll bar to be on.

Drawing Tool: Overview

The Baseball Swing Analyzer has precision and free form annotation (drawing) tools to aid in the analysis of your baseball mechanics. This video gives a quick overview of these features.

Dual ViEW

Comparing your mechanics to other players, or yourself over time is a key advantage to users of the Baseball Swing Analyzer. This video shows how easy it is to use this feature to help in showing off both improvements, and what needs to be worked on.

Free Draw

Drawing directly on your video is a superior way to help in analyzing your baseball mechanics. Sometimes, you just don't need precision drawing to get the most from your analysis - thus, the Free Draw tool -- helps with getting to the point!

Using Dual ViEW

This video demonstrates the same pitcher from two different view - front on and side view. This is an added dimension to being able to help visualize improvements for coaching and player use.

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